What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is about bridging the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be. It gives you direction and moves you forward. It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to go further than you ever thought possible. It helps to remove limiting beliefs, and challenges those beliefs; It helps change negativity into positivity and importantly, it is about giving you confidence and self-belief in order to EMPOWER YOU to make the changes needed to move forward in your life. 

People come to coaching for lots of different reasons, but essentially it is because they want things to be different. They are looking for change either in their career or personal lives, and that could mean they want more, or even less, than what they already have. People are often stuck or in a rut and cannot see a way forward. They may be frustrated and overwhelmed with certain aspects of their lives, and this can lead to stress and anxiety and in some cases, depression. Equally, people may not know what it is they want from their lives. Perhaps they are constantly searching for something and frequently feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. A coach will help you identify and clarify your vision and help you to set goals, whilst supporting you through your fears. Your coach will keep you focused and on track, helping you to break through the barriers and old behaviours that you held you back. 

Coaching, whether it be in business, executive, personal, career or health is all about one aim –MAKING DECISIONS AND CHANGES TO GET YOUR LIFE WORKING FOR YOU!THE ONLY THING I ASK OF YOU, as your coach, is a willingness and commitment to work through challenging issues towards empowerment, self-confidence and a happier, more productive life;

Benefits of Life Coaching

Motivation and Personal Development coach, Wendy Glassock provides you with a powerful framework, valuable tools and practical tasks to enable you to create the life you want and deserve. You will be delighted to see your progress as you identify your values; build up a clear picture of your goals; understand your priorities; your opportunities and your way forward. 

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you to achieve it. The coaching relationship is like that. There is no other relationship in our lives that consistently offers this extraordinary level of support and encouragement. A coach will believe in you totally and will motivate, facilitate and encourage you along the way. You will never be criticised or judged, but you will be listened to completely and have your values and beliefs respected totally. You will NEVER be told what to do, it is only YOU that makes decisions about what you want to do. Your coach will explore ‘obstacles’ with you and question whether they are real or preconceived ones. Through effective questioning, you will be enabled to see what changes could or could not be made. 

With Aiming Higher you will gain a balanced perspective, more focus, clarity and be encouraged to stretch outside your comfort zones and take positive action. The benefits of this will be to:

  • Clarify your most important objectives for the months ahead.
  • Agree practical steps and realistic timescales.
  • Establish what might be holding you back.
  • Develop the courage to address issues and overcome barriers.
  • Develop an action plan to set you on your way to achieving the results you want.

All this, together with:

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increased motivation and new energies.
  • Empowerment enabling you to take control of your own life.
  • Complete confidentiality in a supportive non-judgemental environment.

About Aiming Higher

In 2003 I undertook Life Coaching having reached a point in my life where I didn’t know what my purpose was or who I was anymore. This had been building for a number of years and it seemed that I was simply ‘existing’ rather than ‘living’. All I could see was a very empty and unfulfilled road ahead of me. With a lack of any motivation, energy or enthusiasm, it was sometimes all I could do to plan the weekly shopping! My confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom. 

One day, by accident (or fate) I came across two books, ‘Life Lessons’ by Elisabeth Kubler Ross/David Kessler, and ‘Be Your Own Life Coach’ by Fiona Harold. Both these books served to deliver a huge impact on me – for different reasons – and encouraged me to seek Personal Coaching as my way forward. 

Through the Coaching process, came the realisation that I wasn’t living by any of my values hence the frustrations and emptiness I felt. Through exploration I became aware of so much potential that remained untapped and as a consequence my confidence and self-esteem started to grow. I gained the tools to further build on my potential and by the end of my coaching I knew with absolute conviction what my purpose in life and my way forward was – LIFE COACHING ! 

The following is a brief resume of experience to date……… 

  • Accredited to NLP Practitioner level in 2004 with ‘Organisational Healing’
  • Gained Rivas Palmer (formerly European Coaching Foundation) diploma in 2004 in Business and Personal Coaching achieving a distinction for my practice client work. Hence, Aiming Higher was formed.
  • In 2009 I completed a PG certificate in Business and Personal coaching accredited by Chester University.
  • Volunteer coach/mentor for Lancashire probation service working with offenders to help them gain literacy skills to improve employment opportunities – see mentoring
  • I have extensive experience of the organisation of social groups/functions and activities in the professional and private sector. More recently I became co-organiser of a very successful local social group (part of international ‘Meetup’) currently approaching 200 members.
  • The organisation and running of holistic therapy days within businesses to promote health and wellbeing amongst staff. This has included both the education and NHS sector.
  • Qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Healer
  • I have been working in the third sector as a dementia adviser for the last 4 years and organising and running support and activity groups within that role. This includes working with social services, emergency services, and all partner agencies to ensure that people living with dementia have access to as much support as possible to help them live well with dementia.
  • IMCA qualified and trained 2014 (Independent Mental Capacity Advocate)

Overall I have worked with a diverse range of individuals which have included CEO’s and offenders, helping people to get from where they are to where they want to be. Take a look at the testimonials and see for yourself how coaching could work for you. If you would like one of these to be YOU …………..that first step is only a phone call away! Tel: 07940 370867 or email:

With a money back guarantee the only thing you have to lose is TIME


The following is an article prepared for the National Probation Service Newsletter on the value of Mentoring. 

When Wendy first volunteered to be a mentor for the Probation Service she wasn’t really sure that this was what she wanted to do. ‘I wanted to utilise my skills as a trained and accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner in a voluntary capacity, but wasn’t convinced that the Probation sector was really the right place. As I got more involved in the mentor training, I became increasingly aware that my work could be quite challenging and frustrating, but ultimately it could also be very rewarding’. 

Working with Tracey proved to be just that. Although initially challenging, watching Tracey’s growth and development as a person has been a very rewarding experience. She has gone from someone who believed she was capable of nothing, and that the whole world was against her, to someone who has not only achieved the equivalent of a GCSE qualification, but now has a real ‘thirst’ for life and is on the 4th level of an IT course. She is enjoying the rewards of better communication and increased confidence and self-esteem. 

Wendy says, ‘I believe that everyone has potential, but finding and nurturing that potential can be a difficult task, unless you have someone you believes in you, listens to you and supports and motivates you on your journey’. 

The following is a fantastic testament to the powers of coaching/mentoring and how it can be of great benefit in helping to reduce the percentage of re-offenders. Here is Tracey’s story: 

‘My name is Tracey and I am 40 years old. I am on probation for refusing to ensure the attendance of 3 of my children in school. At the point when Wendy entered my life, I had been on anti-depressants from the age of 17 and had suffered with agoraphobia for years. My lounge curtains had not been opened for 2 years and I only did my shopping at the supermarket in the middle of the night. Other than that, I did not go out of the house and my children had to ring me to let me know what time they would be at the front door, so I could open it to let them in, and then lock it again! 

I was angry, confrontational, aggressive, and totally uncommunicative with almost everyone I was involved with. The Education authorities, Barnardos, Probation – they were all out to ‘get me’ as far as I was concerned. I put up barriers and no-one could get past them. I deliberately set about upsetting people, to try and stop them communicating with me – I just wanted them to leave me alone. 

I never got involved in stuff to do with my children’s education and I certainly never attended Parent’s Evening’s or helped out with homework. I actually encouraged my kid’s not to do their homework and even not to attend school. When they got detentions I would ring up the school and ‘rant and rave’ at the teachers for giving my kids detentions and there was no way that they would be attending them. My kids learned from my example – they became aggressive and confrontational and found themselves in trouble. 

That was before I met my mentor Wendy… 

When I was first told that I had to have a ‘Mentor’ as part of my ‘Order’ I felt confused, angry and resentful. I didn’t know what a ‘Mentor’ was and I thought it was just someone else who’d be telling me what to do and what not do. I didn’t need or want anyone else telling me what to do! 

Another part of my ‘Order’ was that I had to undertake a ‘Literacy Skills’ Test, which I didn’t want to do. I had never had a qualification for anything in my whole life, and was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do it and would fail! I would also have to attend a Learn Direct Centre, where there would be lots of people and big open spaces – I just couldn’t do it. So, again, I put up the barriers and almost refused to do it. Wendy tried her best to encourage me by offering to take me to the Learning Centre and staying with me whilst I did the test, but I was still being obstructive – I just didn’t see why I had to do it! 

One day, Wendy explained that I had ‘no choice’ about my ‘order’, but I did have a choice as to how I complied with it. I could comply the easy way, with much to gain, or I could comply the difficult way, and probably end up back in Court! 

That was the turning point and I decided that with Wendy’s support, I would at least try to go along to the Centre and attempt to do the test. 

I had never sat in front of a computer before and felt sick and anxious. Wendy’s re-assurance and calming influence helped me through it and I was completely surprised by how well I felt I had done. This was confirmed when I got the news that I had passed ‘with flying colours’ and my qualification was the equivalent of a GCSE – My first ever qualification and I had a certificate to prove it!! I felt overwhelmed and proud and my belief in myself started to grow. 

Over the next few months, through working with Wendy, I have become aware of my behaviour and how it affects others. Wendy never judges me or tells me what to do, but she listens and asks questions that really make me think, and that makes me feel like I’m important – no-one has ever done that before. She is really interested in helping me to develop myself. Although she is supportive and understanding, she doesn’t let me use my past as an excuse for not doing something now. 

I have learned that I can put my thoughts and feelings across in a constructive way rather than an aggressive one. She has encouraged me to be open and honest about how I feel and not put up barriers. Communication is very important, and if people don’t know how you feel, then they can’t help you. Equally, if I’m not willing to listen to others, then that doesn’t help either. I’ve now learned the art of 2 way communication and listening to both sides of a story. 

Through the mentoring I was encouraged into a good relationship with my Probation Officer, who was also a great supporter of my achievements. 

My children are now back in school and doing really well and I am working with the teachers and Education authorities to ensure that this continues. 

I have really good relationships with my children too. My new- found confidence has enabled me to communicate with them like I never have before. They are always commenting on the difference in me, and how I react differently in situations now. I help them with their homework (even if I don’t understand it, at least I try), and they are helping me with my new IT course. We have had a few family trips out together, which we never did before, and I even went to the circus. 

I am having better relationships with almost everyone now, and at the time of writing this, I have been off the anti-depressants for 4 months. 

I know I still have a long way to go, but I feel excited about the future now. I have proved to myself that I am capable of much more than I thought I was, and that was because someone else believed in me. Wendy saw potential in me where I didn’t, and I’m so glad that she ‘stuck in there’ and didn’t give up on me, because without a doubt, I would not be where I am today. Mentoring has given me back my life.’Tracey’s ultimate goal is to get a job, and she is working well towards achieving that goal. I have no doubt that with her continued enthusiasm and willingness to learn, she will fulfil that goalWendy Glassock


In seeking out coaching with Wendy at Aiming Higher, I had hoped to be able to find some clarity and solutions on some work related issues which I felt frustrated and challenged by. The prospect of dealing with these issues and still carrying out my day to day responsibilities and duties seemed daunting. Wendy gave me the ability to break it down into manageable sections that were target focused and more importantly realistic and achievable. I found the coaching experience surprising, enlightening and most of all extremely beneficial in helping me to identify the ‘blocks’ that were holding me back. I was able to work through these blocks and move towards achieving realistic target-able goals. I became a lot more motivated and realised that by trying different approaches I was achieving different results – positive results. Only by working through this with Wendy, who offered a totally unbiased non judgemental, and completely supportive environment, was I able to identify the blocks, and work through them. This led to a happier, healthier, more productive environment for all concerned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aiming Higher and hope to be able to use Wendy again at some point in the future.

R Hopkins, Director of Property Services, London.

“Having been coached by Wendy 4 years ago, and experienced the wonderful world of coaching and how it enhances ones life, I had no hesitation in contacting her again to help me negate the crossroads I had recently found myself at. 

Wendy’s style of coaching is warm and generous but importantly it is very intuitive – her intuitive listening led to the asking of exploitative questions which took me down all sorts of avenues I would not have considered previously. 

By working through my ‘values’ and realising I didn’t want to compromise on these, there came an inner strength which enabled me to make decisions which I knew were right for me, and consequently this paid off in ways I hadn’t imagined possible. This I could not have done without Wendy’s coaching! Having just had my final session (and it only took 3), I now feel energised, content and (once again) know who I am and where I want to go. The best decision and the best money I have spent this year!”

Sally Griffin, Tenerife

“I contacted Aiming Higher to help with some issues which I was finding difficult to work through or resolve on my own and needed an unbiased outlet and space in order to be able to do this. 

I found the listening process very powerful and not something that you experience on a day to day basis. I found the reflecting back of my words very useful because I hadn’t realised what I’d actually been saying, and it turned out that it was quite negative and not very productive – therefore some time was spent changing a lot of my negative language into positive language which took a little practice but has resulted in some very positive feedback from colleagues and friends. 

I also feel much happier in myself which has resulted in a better working atmosphere, and ultimately more productive. This was money very well spent and I would highly recommend coaching with Aiming Higher”

Engineer, Lancashire

“I was introducted to the concept of Life Coaching by a close friend and was also lucky enough to win a series of coaching sessions in a local competition. 

Cautious and sceptical at first – my personal life was somewhat complicated and I had been going through a roller coaster of emotions – procrastination being my first line of defence. 

Wendy listened with the patience of a saint, a true professional with a very warm personality and I found her enthusiasm infectious. 

I came away from each coaching session with that enthusiasm and am now able to focus on ‘doing’ rather than ‘just thinking’. I am far more motivated and positive in outlook and no longer wish to go back to how I was before I embarked on personal coaching”

Yvonne – Lytham St Annes

“Wendy is extremely professional, intuitive, yet approachable so my coaching relationship with her developed in a natural way, whilst adhering to clearly defined client-coach parameters. 

Wendy encouraged me to reflect upon my aims and ambitions as well as giving me the apposite time and space to introspect on particular issues that occurred during our coaching relationship. 

I found the professional time that I invested with her very rewarding and continue to draw on the intellectual and personal revelations in my day to day professional and social interactions.”

Director – Strategic Communications Company, London

“I would highly recommend Aiming Higher for anyone who needs help with direction and decisions in their careers and lives generally. 

Although I began the process with some reticence, my life is so much more balanced and happy now. 

Through looking at different areas of my life, I was able to identify where the imbalances were and make decisions as to how these could be redressed. 

I found that being listened to enabled me to articulate and clarify my thoughts more clearly. 

Wendy has been genuinely supportive throughout the coaching and has helped me to regain control of my life.”

Paul Woodmancy – HR Professional, Yorkshire

“My decision to pursue ‘Personal Coaching’ was not an easy one as I really couldn’t grasp how it could help me move forward in terms of my thoughts and the resultant behaviours. 

I had a stressful job and my health was suffering too. I had considered Counselling but didn’t really feel my issues could be helped this way and as it was something that was offered through work it would have been the easy option. However, due to confidentiality issues, I wanted to pursue something out of work, and during some research on the internet I came across Wendy’s website. 

From the very beginning, I felt totally at ease with Wendy and found it surprisingly easy to be open and honest. There was never any hint of judgement or criticism (which is what I feared) and she was 100% committed to helping me achieve my outcomes. Through her compassion and sensitivity, I was enabled to explore areas of my life that previously I had just ‘ignored’ and thought would ‘go away’. The Coaching offered different perspectives on my situation which enabled me to make different decisions. It helped me look at what I valued and believed in and so came the realisation that I wasn’t living by any of my values, certainly not in my current job. 

I now feel a much stronger person and my life has changed enormously. It hasn’t been easy. There were several times during the coaching that I did feel like giving up especially when the ‘going got tough’ – and I know I must have been a ‘challenging’ client, but Wendy never faltered in her support and encouragement and I am so glad that I did ‘stick it out’. She is an exceptional person and her ‘uniqueness’ is something I feel sure would not found in the ‘workplace’. Wendy, from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU.”

JW – Textile Consultant, Manchester

“When I first went to see Wendy I was at a particular low in my life having just lost my lovely Mum to cancer and at the same time being dissatisfied with my job which involved lots of travelling and long unsociable hours. I had many other separate issues to deal with too. 

Wendy’s coaching helped me to focus separately on these issues and work towards realistic goals whilst helping me to see what was important to me and what I really valued in life. 

I felt that Wendy was a great listener, very supportive, and fantastic to get on with. I was amazed that during our sessions, through her questions to me, she managed to make me realise things that I had never thought of which in turn changed my direction and focus in life. I really looked forward to my sessions with her and recommend her professionalism to anyone who feels they need life coaching.”

Linda, Lytham St Annes.

“My daughter introduced me to Aiming Higher, and what a good introduction it turned out to be. 

My life was at it’s lowest ebb following the breakdown of my marriage and the heartache and grief was unbearable. 

After a 30 year relationship I was at a loss to know how to move on with my life. 

Through coaching with Wendy and within only a matter of weeks, life became so much more positive – The future suddenly looked brighter. 

Not only did I look forward to her visits but my attitude to MY life became much more important. 

After only 5 sessions with Wendy I feel life is good again. She has helped me realise that there is a life for Pamela and I am now my own person again, leading a very independent and happy life. 

Thank You Wendy for helping me to find ME.”

Pamela, Lytham, Lancashire.

“After the sale of my business I became very depressed and lost with life. With Wendy’s coaching my life has been completely transformed. We dealt with current issues and sdme very old issues which I had carried for years and we ‘resoled’ each one. 

After several months of coaching the old negative layers of life have been stripped away only to leave a very happy positive thinking person. Wendy was the catalyst for my new life.!”

Rick Wheeldon, Lancashire

“I went to see Wendy when I had decided to make a significant life change, to discuss and explore issues surrounding that decision with someone who could be unbiased and non judgemental. Wendy’s qualities have been extremely useful in my quest to see the future more clearly, and she was able to help me move forward with confidence to a new part of my life. 

Spending time with Wendy was very enjoyable and she has helped me to see my strengths and attributes which has added greatly to my feeling of confidence in that this decision was right for me. I am now able to approach my future on a far more positive note and I attribute this to Wendy’s skills and perception. “J.L, Lancashire”From our first telephone conversation, I knew Wendy was the person to help me. Her warm and sincere manner and the way she listened without judgement, encouraged me to talk honestly and openly about my life and the areas where I felt ‘stuck’. 

One year later, I am a completely different woman and my life has changed enormously. Our coaching relationship has opened up a whole new world. Wendy has supported me 100% through various issues, and enabled me to explore and understand the options that are available for me to improve my life. She has been totally committed throughout the year and has provided me with the inspiration and motivation to move forward – no matter what! Last month I achieved one particular goal that I would never have dreamed possible – and I owe it all to Wendy! Today, I know who I am and where I want to go!”

Sally Griffin, Tenerife

“Through coaching with Wendy, I have become more confident and sure of myself. By learning how to react differently in certain situations and how to say NO without feeling guilty, my stress levels have reduced significantly. Many of the sessions with Wendy were filled with laughter and we established a great rapport. She has great listening skills and I found it very easy to unburden my feelings and thoughts. I eagerly anticipated each session with Wendy and finished our coaching agreement by having a Reiki treatment as well! I would highly recommend Wendy and her life skills coaching.”MM, Lancashire”Despite being both well motivated and very confident I found it difficult to apply for a job. I had been in limbo for around 3 months before I went to see Wendy. Within an hour of my session with Wendy I had an interview and got the job a week later. Not just any job – the one I have always, always wanted to do.”

Gavin M. Lees – Property Lettings & Development

“Wendy has the ability to help you look at things from a different perspective, she is thoughtful and intuitive; plus a fantastic coach who has helped me move my life forward. She really makes a difference! “Beverley Rodgers, Business Analyst, Lancashire”I was coached by Wendy at a time when I felt overwhelmed by life. Although there were many good things happening, I felt very fearful and unsure of myself. Wendy helped me – through her sensitivity and her ability to challenge and to champion me – to get things into perspective, to prioritise according to my values and create balance. The coaching helped me to get my life working for me again. Wendy is a real champion. She is highly motivational and inspiring and the coaching far exceeded my expectations.”

HDW, Building Projects Manager, London

“The journey with Wendy has been truly remarkable and I would never have imagined the difference it is making to my life and work. Thanks to Wendy’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, I have never felt more alive.”

Denis McBrinn, Training Director, Northern Ireland

“Thank you Wendy for the coaching you have given me over the past few months. It has really helped to be able to be open with someone who I know will not judge me and who will be totally supportive of all the decisions I make. It has made a real difference to the way I look at life and the future is looking good. It’s a very exciting time and it is all thanks to you.”

Linda Poulson MBE – Divorce Recovery Workshop Leader, Midlands.”

As the Employment and Mentor Co-ordinator for the National Probation Service, Lancashire, I was very excited to recruit a volunteer as highly skilled as Wendy. 

Wendy currently works with a female offender who suffers from depression and agoraphobia. Originally Tracey attended probation as she refused to ensure her children’s’ attendance at school, She then received an extended court order for failing to attend her supervision appointments, all mainly linked with her agoraphobia. Wendy’s work with Tracey is inspiring, not only has she been able to motivate her to have the courage to leave her house and attend her probation appointments but she also encouraged her to attend a local learning centre and achieve her basic skills qualifications. Tracey has now gained enough strength and motivation to come off her anti-depressants and is having a better quality of life all with the help and support of Wendy and her life coaching. Tracey’s full story can be read under ‘Mentoring'”Nicola Murray – National Probation Service.”Wendy coached me over several months on issues relating to career crossroads and work/life balance. Wendy has the ability to ask questions that really make you search the depths of your mind that eventually bring about some startling realisations.”

CEO – Yorkshire


Q. What does a coach do?

A: A coach equips you to reassess and reorganise your life in terms of personal or career development. Life Coaches identify and develop hidden talents and other personal resources in order to improve your daily life and help you to meet personal goals. A coach will move you forward much quicker than if you tried to do it on your own.

Q. How does a coach do this?

A. By a coach really listening to what you are saying (and what you are not saying) they will be enabled to ask insightful questions that get to the real core of the issue being discussed. By having no agenda of their own, opinions or pre- conceived ideas, they will extract and identify the best in you and equip you with the tools to enable you to build a future as you would like it to be

Q. How many sessions will I need and how often?

A. That depends entirely on the issues raised, circumstances, and your personal budget. The only commitment Aiming Higher asks of you is that you are 100% committed to wanting change and to move forward in your life. Coaching is only as successful as the commitment you put into it. We strongly recommend that a minimum of 4 sessions be undertaken to start to achieve real results. In a lot of cases, you will be making ‘life-long’ changes and ridding yourself of self- limiting beliefs which have been built up over many years. These changes will not happen overnight. Providing you are giving your 100% commitment to the process (i.e. completing agreed tasks) you will see real results in as little as 3-4 weeks. To begin with, coaching is most effective if undertaken weekly, fortnightly, or 3 sessions a month, again dependent upon your budget. It is recommended not to leave too long between sessions initially, as the momentum and motivation could be lost

Q. Can I have a free consultation first?

A. ABSOLUTELY. We positively encourage it. A free consultation enables you to find out whether coaching is right for you. You can ask your coach any questions that the website may not have covered. You can get to know your coach, and importantly, build a rapport, which is vital in a successful coaching relationship. There is no obligation whatsoever following this consultation and it is completely up to you to decide whether you want to take it any further. You will not be pressured or bombarded with phone calls and e-mails.

Q. Is Coaching like Counselling?

A. Counselling is about the ‘now’ and the ‘past’ and how the past is affecting our lives today. Coaching leaves the past where it belongs and focuses on creating the future you want. It is about growth and development and requires a high level of commitment. There are similarities in that both require a high level of listening skills and empathy and compassion, but with coaching you will be encouraged and challenged to set yourself goals with timeframes for achieving them.

Q. Will a coach tell me what to do?

A. NEVER! Any ethical coach who adheres to the strict procedures laid down by their respective accreditation awarding body will never tell you what to do. It is entirely the client’s decision as to what they decide to do. A coach may offer a suggestion, but only with permission, and that suggestion can be either accepted, rejected or modified.

Q. My whole life is a mess – I wouldn’t know where to start with coaching.

A. You could be asked to complete an exercise called ‘The Wheel of Life’ in which you categorise the different areas of your life and give each area a score according to how satisfied you are with it. i.e. 1 – 10 (10 being completely satisfied, and 1 completelyunsatisfied). Which issue, if you could resolve it, would have the biggest impact on your life at this moment? How would this issue, if resolved, affect the other areas of your wheel of life?

Q. Does it matter where I live?

A. Not at all. Up to 90% of coaching takes place over the telephone, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. I welcome ‘face-to-face’ sessions for anyone local, or anyone willing to travel to my practice.

Q. Why should I choose Aiming Higher?

A. We at Aiming Higher are truly committed to wanting you to be successful. We pride ourselves on our passion and reputation for getting to the ‘real core’ of issues raised and for the supportive and nurturing environment in which this takes place. You are assured that everyone associated with Aiming Higher is professionally qualified and conducts themselves to the highest professional and ethical standards as laid down by the accreditation body’s Code of Conduct.

Read our client testimonials and see for yourself the results that can be achieved by ‘Aiming Higher’.